Rebreather Scuba Diving Courses

Rebreather Scuba Diving Courses in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re looking at a taking a rebreather course, then you’re looking to have some real fun out there! Rebreathers used to be only for technical diving, but not anymore. New Type R (recreational) rebreathers are lightweight, easy-to-transport and have sophisticated electronics to simplify their use. Why dive a rebreather? You get longer no stop limits, reduced gas consumption because you reuse most of your exhaled gas, and unmatched wildlife encounters because you don’t release annoying bubbles. The PADI Rebreather Diver course introduces you to rebreather diving to a maximum depth of 18 metres/60 feet and lets you experience things you never imagined possible as a scuba diver.

Here is what to expect…

What do you need to get your Rebreather Certification, it’s simple! You need to have your Open Water Certification, Enriched Air Certification, be 18 years old, and logged 25 dives. Once you are qualified to take this course, we will sit down in our classroom for some instructor guided sessions. You will also be given some self-study material as well. You’ll learn how rebreathers work and the importance of proper setup and maintenance. Because rebreathers vary significantly, you’ll also study the manufacturer’s literature for the type of rebreather you’ll train on. Through a series of six dives, you will work on:
  • Performing proper pre-dive checks
  • Developing the habit of keeping the loop closed when the mouthpiece is not in your mouth
  • Doing bubble checks, bailout drills and handling other potential problems
  • Fine-tuning buoyancy control
  • Monitoring displays and gauges
  • Post-dive procedures and disassembly

Advanced Rebreather Scuba Diving Course

There is nothing more surreal than being over 100 feet down and exploring all that the ocean has to offer. If you’re interested in rebreathers for their silence and maximized no stop dive time, and are happy to stay within recreational diving depth limits, then the PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver course is for you. In our Advanced Rebreather course, you will learn about scrubbers, oxygen consumption, bailout requirement, and how to configure a bailout cylinder system!

This course builds on your PADI Rebreather Diver certification by expanding your knowledge, adding a bailout cylinder, and training you to dive as deep as 40 metres/130 feet. If you aren’t a certified rebreather diver yet, no problem – ask one of our Instructors about combining the PADI Rebreather and Advanced Rebreather Diver courses.

Here’s what to expect…

For starters, you must have a minimum of 30 logged dives and be at least 18 years old. To dive deeper than 30 metres/100 feet, you must be a PADI Deep Diver. Through self-study and instructor-guided sessions, you’ll learn about scrubbers, oxygen consumption and bailout requirements, including how to configure a bailout cylinder system. Because rebreathers vary significantly, you’ll also study the manufacturer’s literature for the type of rebreather you’ll train on. During one confined water dive and four open water dives, you’ll practice bailout and other emergency procedures, as well as planning and executing deep rebreather dives.

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