Scuba Doctor Service & Repair

Scuba Diving Gear Service, Maintenance, Repair and Customization

Deep Sea Scuba in Phoenix, AZ also repairs and services all diving equipment.

Have a trip coming up? Gear need repair? Never fear… The Scuba Doctor is here!!
Don’t fret, don’t frown… Our turn around is the best in town! Now serving the valley with all your scuba service and repair needs. Out-of-State? No problem!! Look at our forms page. Copy, paste, print and ship…we will get it done. We offer reliable service and reasonable prices. David Sexton is the Scuba Doctor. He is in and ready to get your gear in tip-top shape. Scuba Doctor LLC is a certified and complete scuba diving gear repair, maintenance and service shop. We are certified and product(s) specific trained to service and repair most regulator, tanks and gear. Scuba Doctor LLC was started to offer scuba diver gear services to the entire diving community and support to all scuba shops.

Our goal is to keep every diver SAFE and DIVING!!

Customization not only personalizes your gear to you, it protects it too!
Come by check out the many choices we have. Makes a great gift too!
One hose, two hoses or all four…the choice is yours!!

Equipment Repair and Service Rates

Due to supply chain issues please call ahead for current time frames

*Pricing below is only an estimate

Safety Check

  • BCD, Regulator, SPG, Computer assembly + pool check out dive $32

Regulator Service

  • 1st Stage (Piston and/or diaphragm)$40 + parts
  • 1st Stage with environmental seal$60 + parts/lube
  • 1st Stage Nitrox clean and service$35 + parts
  • 2nd Stage – main regulator$35 + parts
  • 2nd Stage – octopus$35 + parts
  • Full Face Mask Regulator service$90 + parts
  • Hose replacement (low and high pressure)$5 + parts
  • First Stage DIN conversion$15 + parts
  • Custom Protective Hose Cover Installation$20 + parts
  • Long Hose Configuration$10 + parts

BCD Service

  • BCD w/stand inflator$25 + parts
  • Replacing standard inflator$15 + parts
  • BCD w/integrate alternate air inflator$65 + parts
  • BCD corrugated hose replacement$5 + parts
  • Back plate and harness re-webbing$75

Spare Air Service

  • Spare Air Service$25
  • Space Air visual inspection$20
  • Spare Air Hydro$65

Computer/Pressure Gauge/Depth Gauge Service

  • Computer battery change (dealer changeable batteries$25 + parts
  • Accuracy Check$10
  • Pressure Gauge – accuracy check$10
  • Pressure Gauge – rebuild$25 + parts
  • Pressure Gauge Nitrox Clean (includes hose)$15

Air Fill

  • Air Fill (up to 3000 PSI)$6
  • Pony Bottle Fill$4
  • Nitrox Fill (32% or 36%)$12

Scuba Tanks/Tank Valves

  • Hydrostatic Inspection (includes hydro, visual, O-ring, fill)$65
  • Visual Inspection (includes visual, O-ring, fill)$20
  • Light weight internal cleaning (brush & wash)$20
  • K Valve service$35 + parts
  • Burst Disc replacement (includes visual & fill)$25 + parts
  • Twin manifold Service (includes left & right valve, T-manifold)$90 + parts
  • Twin Manifold assembly$25
  • Nitrox Tank w/valve cleaning$40 + parts & fill
  • Nitrox Visual (includes VIP & cleaning)$40 + fill
  • Nitrox Hydro (includes VIP, hydro, internal & valve cleaning)$70 + parts & fill

Wetsuit Repair *not older than 10 years per manufacturer

  • Wetsuit Tear repair/replacementCustom Quote
  • Wetsuit Hole repair/replacementCustom Quote
  • Wetsuit Seam repair/replacementCustom Quote
  • Wetsuit Zipper repair/replacementCustom Quote

Drysuit Repair *not older than 10 years per manufacturer

  • Drysuit wrist seal repair$35 per seal + parts
  • Drysuit neck seal repair$55 + parts
  • Drysuit ankle seal repair$35 per seal + parts
  • New Inlet Valve replacement$35 + parts
  • Valve testing & cleaning (exhaust & inlet)$25
  • Drysuit tear repairCustom Quote
  • Drysuit hole repairCustom Quote
  • Drysuit seam repairCustom Quote
  • Dry Glove/ring system installation$35 + parts
  • Drysuit leak & pressure testing$45


Scuba Doctor Specials!!

** Dive season is coming – Get your gear in tip-top shape before it’s too late….

Gear safety Check – $35- Includes BCD, Regulator, SPG, Computer + pool check out dive

Full Kit Service – $100 + cost and taxes of parts. Receive a free air fill with this service

Tank Visual Inspection – $20. Receive a free tank fill with this service

Custom Service Consultation and Quotes available.

All prices are subject to change at any time. Call for appointment to get a custom consultation and quote.
Turnaround times vary. Delivery date will be quoted at the time of service consultation.
RUSH FEES of $30 will be charged for requests on delivery inside 72 hours.

Custom service consultation, quotes and turnaround times provided to all customers.