Specialty Scuba Courses

SPECIALTY Scuba Diving Courses in Phoenix, AZ

As you start your journey into this amazing hobby, you will find that there are different specialties that interest you! At Deep Sea Scuba, we offer the following PADI courses so that you can enjoy all the ocean has to offer!

Specialty Instructor Courses

With over 25 standard PADI Specialty Diver courses to choose from, it opens your options as a scuba instructor to expand your passion for scuba to your students while building your personal and professional community. Teach a specialty course that interests you, and teach your students all our underworld has to offer. Choose from, Deep Diver, Night Diver or Public Safety Diver course, just to name a few.


More scuba diving and more fun sharing what interests you – that’s what teaching specialty diver courses is all about. The best way to develop yourself as a Scuba Instructor is to learn how to make your specialty diver courses really special by taking a specialty instructor course here at Deep Sea Scuba with our Course Director Mark Moran. With flexible/cost effective learning options, our Specialty instructor courses provide teaching tips and hands-on experience that you can implement right away. With 25 standard PADI Specialty Diver courses, and numerous distinctive specialties, you have lots to choose from – so let’s get going.

All PADI Instructors will benefit from taking specialty instructor training courses, especially those who are ready to step up to the Master Scuba Diver™ Trainer (MSDT) rating, which requires at least five PADI Specialty Instructor certifications.

PADI Assistant Instructors, instructor candidates in training, and PADI Divemasters are eligible to enroll in certain specialty instructor courses. Some specialties have additional prerequisites and exit requirements – call us for more details.


You’ll learn new techniques to add to the experience you already have in a specialty area and have fun fine-tuning your skills and teaching methods. Plus, you’ll get great ideas for marketing your specialty diver courses and building your community.

Getting Started

Visit Deep Sea Scuba in person or give us a call for schedules and to purchase a PADI Specialty Instructor Manual – digital or paper version. The manual includes all standardized specialty instructor guides.