Wreck & Reef


Wreck & Reef in the Florida Keys with Deep Sea Scuba and Sun Sports Charters.

Sun Sports Charters offers us an intimate dive experience that rivals all others. In addition to the dive boat they also have a snorkeling boat for those non-divers joining us on a Florida Keys Adventure.

Enjoy a snorkeling or diving trip in Key Largo, Florida. Coral reefs and wrecks teeming with marine life are just a short trip offshore.

See the Christ of the Abyss along with amazing protected Marine Parks and hundreds of ship wrecks.

And then…

See Betsy the world’s largest lobster on land!

Deep Sea Scuba

Florida Keys Diving

With so many amazing dive sites capable of accommodating a variety of diving certifications from novice to technical, you’ll easily find superb spots to include on your next Florida Keys vacation.

Wrecks and Reefs

There are over 100 great Florida Keys scuba wreck and reef dive sites listed on this website. Some of these sites are also suitable for snorkeling as the waters are shallower.

As anyone knows who’s been scuba diving Florida Keys even once, you’ll end up with a great diving story and terrific pictures, perhaps even a video.

Before heading home a “David Must See” stop is the History of Diving Museum – Dive into over 4,000 years of man’s quest to explore the sea! Discover how diving has evolved and how it plays a part in everyday life. (Deep Sea Scuba offers the Historian Diver Distinctive Specialty Certification)